About Us

Who We Are!

Family quilt

 The PEACES mission is to create sustainable markets and systems for handcrafted and recycled clothing, accessories and décor, that will contribute to the development and economic well-being of our community.


At PEACES we believe that one of our greatest powers is the ability to create. It is not just in some of us, it is in each, and every one of us. We nurture this ability through the transformation of new and recycled fabrics and textiles into an eclectic array of beautiful bags, accessories, clothing and décor, featuring our signature product, the PEACES fashion tote.  



PEACES provides quality products with a personal touch. Since our designs are not mass produced, we are able to hand select patterns and materials for each piece, primarily from re-purposed fabrics. Due to our enthusiasm for the time-honored tradition of sewing, we pour our love into every stitch of every design to create an eclectic collection that makes a social statement and helps you express your unique style. 


Pre-Loved Jeans

What is "pre-loved"?  Simply put pre-loved is clothing or accessories that someone loved before you.  Whether vintage or gently-used, we offer quality and stylish pieces that are sure to compliment your wardrobe and enhance your fashion style.

So save these clothes from the landfill and give them a loving and stylish home!